It is important to know that before you start your HGH therapy with our clinic, you must know the possible HGH side effects.

PRIMEhormones.com competent practitioners in endocrinology and can help you avoid some side effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Call us or complete the contact form and our assistants will help you understand better the side effects of HGH.

HGH side effects


Just as every other medicine, HGH has side effects. Many doctors do not encourage HGH, because of the side effects of HGH. However, they can be avoided, just as every other side effect.

In order to avoid these side effects, you must take HGH only if a specialist or a physician prescribes it for you. Our specialists will analyze your blood tests, and also ask for your medical history, so that there will not be any difficulties caused by some medical problem you might have had in the past.

Specialists will also decide the duration and the dosage, according to your medical history and blood tests. You must understand that this is only to prevent the HGH side effects.

As said before, HGH has side effects, just as any other medicine and drug. Side effects of HGH differ, there are starting from less severe to very severe. Headache, muscle pain, feeling tired, pain in the arms and/or legs, cold symptoms are less severe HGH side effects. In case you had injectable HGH, less severe side effects of HGH such as redness, swelling, soreness, itching, rash, and pain can be developed in the place where you have been injected.

Severe and very severe possible side effects of HGH are swelling in feet, hands, head and face, sudden or severe pain behind the eyes, vision changes, increased thirst, hunger, urination, blurred vision, fruity breath odor, dry mouth, weight loss and drowsiness, numbness and tingling in the hand, wrists, fingers, fast heart rate, severe pain in your upper stomach, vomiting and nausea.

Obviously, these are just a few HGH side effects that can be developed. There are more possible side effects of HGH, but you can stay calm, as these side effects will not be developed if you constantly visit the doctor for consultation.

Side effects of HGH

Our specialists will consult you and if something goes wrong, the therapy will be ended. However, our specialists will prescribe you HGH only if you really need it. Some possible reasons to use HGH are idiopathic short stature, growth hormone deficiency, if you were born small for gestational age, and so on.

Our specialists will consult you, they will ask for your medical history, analyze it along with your blood tests and take appropriate examinations. If everything goes well and they decide that you need HGH, they will prescribe you and advise you where to buy it so that it will be safe. In this case, the percentage of developing HGH side effects is really low, as they will make sure that you get the best.

Never take HGH injections from an unlicensed clinic, or from strange websites, because these can increase your chance to develop HGH side effects, as you never know if what you are taking is really what they say it is, or just a fake product.

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