Patients must know that before you start your HGH therapy for bodybuilding there are some possible side effects.

PRIMEhormones.com will not prescribe HGH for bodybuilding but we can help you avoid some side effects of HGH when used for bodybuilding. Contact us now and our assistants will help you understand better the side effects of HGH.

HGH for bodybuilding


Some people tend to use HGH for bodybuilding. Athletes, for example use HGH for bodybuilding, so that they can improve their endurance and physical appearance.

Nowadays, we can say it is a common thing for athletes, but it is not healthy for many of them, as HGH is not for bodybuilding. The main reason why they should not is because HGH should only be used by people who really need it. HGH, as mentioned before, is not for bodybuilding specifically, but it is mainly for adults who have growth hormone deficiency and children with inadequate growth.

HGH and bodybuilding

You should only take HGH injections if a licensed physician or a specialist prescribes it for you. Make sure you consult a specialist (or a licensed physician) before you take HGH. Our specialists will analyze your blood tests, check out your medical history and finally, examine you so that they can be sure you really need HGH injections.

Taking HGH for bodybuilding, or any other shallow and wrong reasons actually, increase the chance of developing unwanted side effects. These side effects can vary from less severe to severe and very severe.

The less severe side effects you can develop are:

cold symptoms, headaches, pain in the legs or/and arms, feeling tired, muscle pain, and so on; while the severe and very severe side effects vary from severe pain behind the eyes, blurred vision, swelling in hands, feet, head, to weight loss, increased hunger, thirst, urination, drowsiness and so on. In case you take injectable HGH you can develop as well from less severe to severe and very severe redness, itching, pain in the place where you had your injection done.

The chances of developing these side effects can easily be decreased simply by consulting a specialists or as said before, a licensed physician. However, keep in mind not to take HGH for bodybuilding only, as you must have a good reason, such as the ones mentioned before, to start taking HGH injections.

HGH for bodybuilding

You must understand that it is for your own health to take HGH only if you really need it. We do not advise you to take HGH for bodybuilding or as mentioned before, any other wrong reasons.

If you consider you might need HGH, do not hesitate to contact a doctor so that they can analyze your blood tests, check out your medical history and if everything goes well, prescribe you HGH.

Also, you should constantly visit your doctor so that he can consult you and in case you think you develop any side effect call your doctor immediately. Our specialists will help you through the whole process and you can be sure you are safe on good hands.

If you consider that you need HGH, or if you just want more information HGH, contact us not at +1 (888) 969 – 2505 and our specialists will help you. They will, of course, guide you through your whole experience with HGH.