Before you begin a HGH therapy (HRT), you must provide us with specific analyses and blood tests.

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HGH Therapy


HGH therapy is an HGH deficiency treatment. For a while, Human Growth Hormone therapy was used for: adults with tumor of pituitary gland (with a sharp decline in production of HGH or complete lack of HGH, linear growth for children with decreased linear growth and for patients with AIDS (purposing the increase of muscle mass and energy).

For the last 20 years, Growth Hormone therapy has been prescribed for treatment of adults with low level of HGH, caused by aging. Many researches demonstrate that HGH therapy has positive effects on reducing the risk of heart diseases, normalization of cell composition, decreased level of cholesterol, improving the condition of the musculoskeletal system and other benefits which lead to a better quality of life, both physically and mentally.


Human Growth Hormone Therapy along with many other hormone treatment therapies should be observed by a licensed competent physician. Before the patient buy HGH for therapy, he or she must have performed her or his blood tests for hormone levels, and also have sufficient information about her or his health condition and medical history. An individual approach is the most important thing in HGH therapy. Depending on the patient’s individual test results and characteristics, the dosage and duration of HGH therapy is determined.

HGH Therapy has to be prescribed only by specialists who have strong knowledge of endocrinology system and by physicians who are experienced in HGH injections therapy for patients who due to the aging process have decreased levels of HGH.


As while aging, the level of HGH is rapidly declining, buying HGH injections for therapy is becoming necessary, with the scope of increasing HGH levels. A few symptoms which are directly related to the aging process are as follows:

- heart diseases
- excess of fat, especially in the abdominal are
- increased level of cholesterol
- decreased muscle mass
- exercise intolerance
- decreased bone mineralization
- decreased physical tolerance
- declining quality of life
- decreased sexual activity
- impotence
- disturbance of mental status.

A factor for implementing Human Growth Hormone therapy as a replacement therapy has been the low levels of HGH in adults. For many years, this has been a good practice worldwide.


Information about negative effects of HGH injections therapy is overflown on the internet and on other mass media sources. What you have to understand is that HGH therapy for children with deficiency of HGH and for adults with cancer of pituitary gland is not the same as HGH as anti-aging treatment. Much lesser doses are associated with anti-aging human growth hormone therapy than the other 2 mentioned treatments.

The main purpose of HGH therapy is preventing the decreased levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and bringing it back to the normal levels, according to a specific age category. HGH therapy must be prescribed only after taking the blood tests and the physician’s examination, in order to avoid the negative effects. A licensed specialist must control the HGH administration, during the growth hormone therapy